Friday, May 31, 2013

Hot and Humid

After I left the Navy, I joined the Coast Guard. I was stationed in Maryland for quite a while and holy hell, it is cold there in the winter. That’s why I loved Orlando, it was warm! Ok, so it was blazing hot and dripping humid almost year round, but I will take that over the cold any day. Overall, I think Orlando was my best duty station.

To R Settle - I forgot how often you two used to drive my car! Your wife loved that car, I have no idea why - it was a horrible car . . . but it had air conditioning which I guess is the number one requirement for a car in Florida in the summer.



Chapel (after base closing)

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Dave Harlow said...

I don't know if you remember this lady who worked in the galley. While I was there in '97, there was a wonderful lady who worked the galley lines, always saying in a loud voice, "All the way down, please, all the way down." She was using what to her was her normal voice, but it was very loud and boomy.
Also, they had a knack for serving spaghetti on Whites Thursdays, don't know how I managed to make it out of there without a stain.
Then the rain....everyday precisely at 1600, and stopped about 10 minutes later. Set your watch by it.
There was a comic book store I loved to go to, 1701 Enterprise, don't remember the street name but it was a decent jog down. I was in there at least once a paycheck. And the Olive Garden at the Fashion Square, at least once a month. No wonder I had a hard time with some of the PRTs.