Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NNPTC Close Up

Click on image to enlarge. Let me know if you recognize any of the structures.

Share your thoughts, memories or whatever, I would love to hear them. Also if you have any pictures you would like me to share


scada said...

Thank you for the photo of the Orlando NTC. There are some discrepancies in the labels on the photo.

The building labeled officers school is what we called the 'dark side.' After spending 3 months in the first building you packed up all of your books and marched over to the other building, called the dark side because the classes were much more intense and you would never see the sun because of all the studying you had to do.

The buildings you have marked RTC is....not sure what it was called but they had other schools there such as torpedoeman and others. Not sure what else. Recruit training command is actually the buildings above the navy exchange.

Anyway hope this helps I was there in '88-89

Mike said...

I second what Scada said. The first 12 weeks of NNPS was spent on the dark side. Officers were trained in one wing (Starboard) side of the building labeled as Power School. The attrition rate was so high, that after 12 weeks, there were only enough students left to occupy two wings. I stood guard duty in these buildings for 2 months in between 'A' school and nuke school. I graduated NNPS class 8703.

Stozzelson said...
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Stozzelson said...

I was at NNPS in 1978. During the first half we had classes in the building labeled as the Nuclear Power School. For the second half, we moved to the building identified as the officer's school. Enlisted classes for my section (MMN) were in the wing on the east side of the building during the second half. I recall the area between the wings of the 'officer's school,' as being open to the sky (where the building watch stood duty). The HVAC went out in our wing for about a week during July or August.

JerrySykes said...

I agree with Stozzelson. I was there from Fall of 1981 to Spring of 1982. I was housed in Building 367, almost dead even with the middle of the circle. I would waylay the roach coach every Saturday and Sunday morning for pizza and Pepsi.